Why Traditional Deck Layouts Are Worth Considering

Decks are increasingly popular.  They add living space to your home, provide room for entertaining, offer a personal getaway spot, allow you to enjoy our short summer season and add an attractive feature for resale. No wonder we love them!

As deck popularity has increased so too has the number and complexity of deck designs and amenities. We frequently encounter decks with large square footage, multiple sets of steps, curved edges, and a variety of levels. We see built in fire pits, complex railings, pergolas, privacy screens and sunshades. Some designs incorporate flower boxes, benches, outdoor kitchens, special lighting, built in hot tubs, and swimming pools. I’ve even seen a deck with a built-in bar, an area rug and a spiral staircase! With so many design options, why should I consider a traditional deck layout?

A traditional deck, a simple rectangular structure with one set of steps leading to ground level, offers many benefits.

  1. Quick and easy to build: A simple traditional design built by a professional can be completed in 2 to 3 days.  Add another day or two to stain and seal and you are ready to enjoy your outdoor space.
  2. Low cost: With small square footage, less nooks and crannies and one set of stairs, your traditional deck will require fewer materials keeping the cost low. Because it can be built quickly, labor cost will also be reasonable.
  3. Lots of useable space: Without all the extras (fire pit, benches, outdoor kitchen, special lighting, built in hot tubs, etc.) you are left with plenty of space that can be used for multiple purposes. The kids want to play. Clear the deck and let them go. Company is coming over. Pull out the patio table and deck chairs. You enjoy gardening. Set out multiple pots and plant boxes. You need a quiet retreat. Take your tea and favourite lounge chair to your traditional deck.
  4. Boost the resale value of your home: A well built and maintained deck adds to the appeal of your home. Complex and elaborate decks may not boost the appraisal of your home enough to cover the building costs. A simple, traditional deck will.

A traditional deck can enhance your lifestyle and increase your property value. It can bridge the gap between indoors and out and give you a comfortable space from which to enjoy your backyard.

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