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Deck Stair Options

Stairs are an essential component of any deck, and their placement can make a significant difference in your deck’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. At Econo Decks, we understand the importance of selecting the right type, size, and location of stairs for your deck. As experienced deck builders in Calgary, we offer a variety of stair options to match your deck’s style and functionality. 

Whether you’re looking for a simple staircase or an elaborate design, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts will work with you to determine the best placement of your stairs to ensure optimal traffic flow and usability of your deck. Trust us to create a well-thought-out pathway that leads to a beautiful and functional deck.

Open Stringer (Most Common)

Open stringer stairs have a sleek and modern design that’s perfect for contemporary decks. Unlike closed stringer stairs, open stringer stairs have a pair of stringers that support the treads and risers on the sides of the stairs, leaving the treads and risers exposed. This creates a clean and minimalistic look that adds to the overall aesthetic of your deck. We offer open stringer stairs in a range of materials, including wood and metal, and can customize them to fit your specific design needs. With an open stringer stair from Econo Decks, you’ll be sure to have a staircase that’s both functional and visually appealing.

Boxed-in Stringers

Boxed-in stringer stairs, also known as closed-in riser stairs, are a great choice for those seeking a more traditional staircase design. This type of stair construction features a closed-in design with solid pieces of wood covering the sides of the staircase, creating a sturdier and more secure structure. Our team of experts can help you choose the perfect design that complements the style of your deck while ensuring a durable and reliable staircase for your use. 

The Wrap Around Stairs

Wrap around stairs are a great choice for those who want a practical and cost-effective staircase design for their deck. These stairs are designed to wrap around one or more sides of your deck, providing easy access to different levels. At Econo Decks, we offer wrap around stairs that are not only practical but also the most cost-effective option for your deck. Our team of experts will work with you to customize the design of your wrap around stairs to match the overall style of your deck, while ensuring a sturdy and reliable structure. So whether you’re looking to create a seamless flow between different levels of your deck or simply want an affordable staircase option, wrap around stairs are definitely worth considering.

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Every deck package starts the same. They all need the same structure. But after structure, we can customize your deck from very simple and functional, to very luxurious and maintenance-free.

Decking Material

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Planking Patterns

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Stair Types

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