Spring Deck

Spend your winter preparing your spring deck

The thing about the winter season is that it is the perfect time to prepare and plan your spring deck. With what seems like endless time spent indoors, many of us need projects to work on during the winter months. Why not take on the project of planning your spring deck to be exactly how you envisioned it to be?

To properly plan your spring deck, you should start by deciding how the space will suit your lifestyle and what colors are involved in the design. This will guide all future decisions for the main design elements of the deck. Once these features are decided, you can  move on to get the construction quoted out. From here on out the Econo Decks team will assist you to ensure that your vision becomes reality before your own eyes.

Things to consider when planning your spring deck is whether or not you want to add specialty features to your outdoor space. Some of which include a firepit, hot tub, pergola, outdoor kitchen and bar, barbeque nook, pool and many others. Incorporating these additions requires additional planning which is why our team requests you provide us with this information prior to the initial quoting. If you plan on adding a feature after your deck was quoted it will be reflected on the final price of the structure.

The Econo Decks team is more than happy to provide you with more tips about decking so please feel free to talk to us. Our goal is to encourage our customers to make the most of their decks. For more information about this process give Econo Decks a call at (403)-770-9277. While you are here, check out our community blog for more information!