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Dress up your Deck

Your deck is complete and it’s just what you wanted! Now, how do you coax your family and friends to spend time with you in your new outdoor space? Deck accessories can help create a place to entertain guests, a spot for quality family time, a private oasis to soak up the sun or a combination of all three. With a little creativity, your deck can become so welcoming and comfortable that you’ll never want to go inside! Try a few of the following suggestion for dressing up your deck.


  • Add comfortable furniture that fits the space and intended usage. Try white wicker, a colourful dining set, a large outdoor sofa and/or a porch swing. Consider purchasing one special piece and placing it so it becomes the focal point. A hammock with a built in stand may become a favourite lounging spot. What about a cozy day bed with a throw and pillows?
  •  Make an outdoor bar: Stock a wheeled cart with napkins, cups, straws, and carafes of your favourite drinks. Leave it in the corner till needed.
  • Lay down a rug: Enhance your space with the addition of an outdoor rug. It’ll add visual appeal, a cozy feel, keep debris from tracking inside and delineate different areas (i.e. seating, eating and cooking areas).
  • Edge with greenery: Plant a row of trees at the edge of your deck or install a lattice with climbing plants for that lush, natural feel.
  • Add a water feature: Bring the tranquil sound of water to your deck with a fountain, bird bath, waterfall or table-top water feature.
  • Bring on the flames: A fire feature adds flickering warmth, cozy ambience and a focal point. Try a Chimenea, a fire pit, or a fire bowl.
  • Place plenty of pillows: Spruce up your space with a variety of cushy, colourful pillows in outdoor fabrics that shrug off moisture and stains. Place them on chairs, cover a bench, or toss them along the edge for those who prefer to lounge.
  • Hang wall art: Think of the outside walls like inside walls and fill blank spots with colourful pieces that make your deck feel personal.
  • Incorporate plants: Inexpensive and attractive, plants add a splash of colour, interesting textures and life to your deck. Include herbs, ferns, flowers, and veggies. Try hanging baskets, built in planters, a window box, attractive pots or a galvanized-steel washtub.
  • Install mood lighting: Extend the hours you spend outdoors by installing low voltage or solar lighting. Whether recessed in the stair treads, snaking around the banisters, crowning your posts, or positioned on railings, deck lighting can signal elevation changes, define perimeter, illuminate entertaining areas and provide soft lighting for your interactions.
  • Add a drink rail: Take your deck to the next level by turning the top of the railing into a flat and usable surface, perfect for pulling up a stool and unwinding.
  • Hang wind chimes: They make a great conversation piece and fill the air with music on every passing breeze.
  • Window treatments don’t have to go on windows. Breezy curtains fashioned from outdoor fabrics create a shady oasis when mounted on a deck.
  • Brighten with an umbrella: Add shade, colour and style with the addition of a market umbrella (has central pole and sits in a base on the ground) or an offset umbrella (pole is off to one side and umbrella can rotate).
  • Get a grill: Grilling goes hand in hand with summer and fall! Try a portable model or build in a grill for that grill master or gourmet chef.
  • Cover with canvas: Install a colourful, retractable, canvas awning (manual or motorized) to give visual appeal, provide shade from the sun or shelter during rain.
  • Construct a pergola: Thin wood slats will provide partial shade and create a unique profile adding visual interest to your space.


Whether you choose accessories that are simple (a planter or some pillows) or elaborate (a fire feature or a built in grill) finding the right embellishments makes a deck comfortable and welcoming. Dress up your deck and enjoy many long hours in your outdoor space.

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