Deck Trends

Decking trends from 2021

Ever wondered what everyone else was getting done to their deck? If it was similar to your personal visions? If it was completely different? Well the Econo Decks team has put together a list of  what we believe to be the most popular decking trends of 2021. With another summer spent with the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals resorted to revamping their outdoor living space. People wanted to be able to accommodate this new lifestyle where outdoor gathering were permitted.

Its that time again! Its time to review this seasons deck trends and see what everyone was craving to add to their decks this year. As we all know, everyone was all about outdoor gatherings this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This resulted in a lot go additions to our clients decks. Many asked for large spaces to enable easy navigation for hosting. As well as areas to serve as outdoor kitchens and Barbeque nooks.

Another popular trend this year was privacy walls. With families and friends spending more time in their backyard, it was important to them to have added privacy to their spaces. The Econo decks team was building different privacy walls for every customer. Some wanted theirs to be out of glass, some requested wooden planks, while others requested customer sheets that can be opened and closed. Nevertheless, I think our whole team can agree that privacy walls were the number one trending addition for the 2021 decking season.

What do you think is going to be trending in the off season? You may not know but Econo Decks builds decks year round! As long as the ground is soft we are out there building. Give us a call to schedule an estimation if you want a deck built before next season.

The Econo Decks team is more than happy to provide you with more tips about decking so please feel free to talk to us. Our goal is to encourage our customers to make the most of their decks. For more information about this process give Econo Decks a call at (403)-770-9277. While you are here, check out our community blog for more information!