Caring For Your Deck

Econo Decks - Caring For Your Deck

You have made the investment and added value to your home with the addition of an outdoor deck. Now to just sit back and enjoy the space with friends and family. There are new furnishings, a barbeque, and a place for the kids to play. Econo Decks recommends taking proper care with your deck with specific maintenance pertaining to your materials used. As with all possessions we surround ourselves with, to retain the beauty and longevity of your new deck it will require some maintenance. How much or how often will depend on what building material was chosen.

Here are some words from a well know Canadian - Mike Holmes.

I’m always bothered when I hear about another accident involving a deck because they are usually preventable. Deck safety continues to be ignored and we need to make it a priority. So before you officially open your deck for barbecue season and start entertaining, make sure it’s safe so it can support you and your loved ones.

Your deck may be new but Calgary weather, all year round, has an impact on our homes and outdoor space.

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For all deck types, in the Spring check your deck for:

  • Signs of rust or corrosion
  • Loose fasteners, nails or screws that have popped
  • Is your deck attached to your house? Is it still fastened correctly?
  • Railing are still fastened tight, not wobbling
  • Steps are firm and secure.
  • Clean away any debris to prevent accidents such as falls or burning
  • Pressure wash the entire deck to clear all dirt from the winter months
  • Wood and composite material both benefit from cleaning
  • Protect any plants first the high-pressure spray
  • Best done on a cloudy day.

Check with your deck builder - should you use a cleaning product on your deck?

What about a deck made with natural wood products - when to stain or not to stain? This decision is worth discussing with your Calgary deck builder. The quality of the wood product will be a factor in durability as will the initial protection (stain/paint) used on the deck. Talk to your professional for advice on when and type of product to use to continue protecting your wood deck. If not protected, after time weather, insects and use will affect your deck.

Decks built using man-made products (composite) require the same inspection, but won't require staining. Keeping them clean is very important, however, to prevent mould and mildew. Pressure washing applies to this type of deck too, but, talk to your deck builder for help choosing the correct cleaning product.

Inspections and cleaning apply not only to the deck flooring, but the railing and any steps which are part of your deck. Clean and maintain as you do the main part of the deck.

Don't forget to maintain your deck furnishings and the grill! Keep furniture protected against the weather and also inspect them before use. No accidents from a faulty chair leg, please. Clean your grill/barbeque and inspect it to be certain it is working correctly.

For all deck types, in the Winter check your deck for:

  • No matter the type of deck you have, clean it before winter. Remove any debris to prevent mould build up.
  • Econo Decks recommends hosing down your deck before the winter in order to remove debris and leaves.
  • Remove any plant pots. These can stain your deck and can cause mildew.
  • If you use your deck in the winter, it is suggested shovel lengthwise to prevent damaging your deck. 
  • Put away any furniture if possible (if you happen to have a shed), or, put covers over chairs and remove fabric cushions to prevent mould.
  • Inspect your deck and watch for loose railing, popped nails/screws.

A little bit of maintenance at the beginning of each season will keep your deck beautiful, long-lasting, and ready for your family and friends. If you have any questions on the care and maintenance of your Calgary deck, talk to the professionals at Econo Decks.

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