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Activities to Enjoy on your Deck

Your deck is an extension of your living space, a comfortable outdoor spot and often the favourite place to spend time in the summer and fall months. You can relax, read, and soak in the sun. But, your deck isn’t just for sitting!  There are plenty of interesting adventures you can have on your backyard deck! This fall, be bold, be daring and try some of these deck activities!


  • Add some music: Provide a speaker and some favourite tunes or invite a friend with a guitar, harmonica and/or drums. Why not make it a sing-along or a karaoke night. Maybe turn it into a dance party.
  • Schedule a sleepover: Sleeping bags, pillows, snacks, flashlights and air mattresses are all you need to make your deck a perfect place for a sleepover. More comfortable than the ground and close to the bathroom, your deck has enough room to invite the whole neighborhood! Have a campfire (in a fire pit or small portable grill), roast marshmallows, sing campfire songs and tell ghost stories.
  • Host a games night: Your deck is the perfect place for board games, card games, charades or a session of twister. Host a tournament! Provide some silly prizes!
  • Have a movie night: No screen? No problem. Drape a sheet over a tree branch or the deck railing and fire up the projector. Make popcorn, provide blankets and pillows and your deck will rival any drive-in.
  • Plan a nightly read-aloud: Pick a book all ages can enjoy. Gather nightly on your deck for a chapter or two. Add a cold drink if the day was hot or a hot beverage if the evening is cool.
  • Try stargazing: Set up a telescope, gather charts, find books, provide a pad with appropriate apps/websites and host a stargazing party. Enjoy snacks, drinks, and friends as you identify the constellations.
  • Take up bird watching: Hang a few feeders filled with seed mixtures, add a suet block or two, gather some reference guides for your area and watch the birds arrive. Share with your family and friends.
  • Start a garden: All you need is some containers, soil and seed. Get everyone involved. Even small children can help out. Include herbs, ferns, flowers, and veggies. Try hanging baskets, built in planters, a window box, attractive pots or a galvanized-steel washtub.
  • Throw a craft party: Provide craft materials, idea books and plenty of snacks/drinks and you have the makings of a great craft get-together. Need a theme? Make decorations for Christmas or gifts for that friend who is expecting a baby.
  • Throw a pool party: No pool? That’s okay! Provide a baby pool, floating toys, food colouring, squirt guns, water balloons and you have hours of fun for family and friends.
  • Cocktail night: Need some adult time? Have guests bring ingredients for their favourite cocktail. Set up a minibar with glasses, shaker, and ice. Enjoy the evening conversation.
  • Host the book club: Belong to a book club? For a change of pace, meet on the deck and share your impressions of this month’s book.


A deck is a great place to sit back, relax and enjoy the sun. But don’t limit yourself! Use your imagination and make your deck a meeting place for family and friends.

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