spring deck decorating

2022 Spring Deck Decorating Ideas

A new year brings a new spring which means there are new opportunities to decorate your deck for the season. Each year external decorating trends change, which is why at Econo Decks we aim to keep our clients on trend by recommending potential hot trends. This spring season, new trends are suggesting the addition of an outdoor bar to your outdoor living space. If you have one built-in, perfect, if you don’t consider purchasing a bar cart and placing it on a nook on your deck when entertaining. Not only does this give easy access to drinks for the parents, but it can be converted to a juice bar when hosting children as well.


Another ongoing trend has been the use of bright patio furniture. Consider adding some color to your deck by updating your patio set to a bright color for the spring and summer season. If not bright patterns have been hot this year thus far as well. Perhaps you are not a bright color loving person and instead would prefer patterned patio furniture. Whatever it may be Econo Decks will provide you with the facts and from there you can decide what works best with your personal style and outdoor living space. After all, decorating your outdoor living space should best suit your personal style and reflect what you like. Let the spring 2022 be the year that you start experimenting with exterior design.

The Econo Decks team is more than happy to provide you with more tips about decking so please feel free to talk to us. Our goal is to encourage our customers to make the most of their decks. For more information about this process give Econo Decks a call at (403)-770-9277. While you are here, check out our community blog for more information!