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Water Feature Decks

Your deck is complete and you love it! But, you want a little extra “wow” factor, something to set your deck apart from the many. Consider a water feature. It will improve the aesthetics of your home and give you that “little something” that makes your deck unique. Water features cool the air and create a soothing sound to help you relax after a long day. Make it a D-I-Y project. All you need is a container (bowl, basin, pot, etc.), a water pump (readily available), materials of your choice (pottery, rocks, plants, a sculpture, etc.) an outdoor electrical receptacle, and your own unique design ideas. If you’re not handy or don’t have time, find a variety of premade options at your local garden shop, home center, landscape supplier or hardware store. There are a range of choices. Opt for a free standing feature or go for a wall mounted version. Big or small? Your choice. Do you like the traditional garden style, a modern water feature or a classic statue in a fountain? Zen, rustic and artsy style water features are all available. Choose stone, fiberglass, slate, cement, resin or ceramic materials. Maybe you would like your water feature to include lighting. Whatever you decide and whatever budget you set, there is a water feature for you!

Bird Bath: One of the simplest and most affordable water features is a birdbath. Without a pump, filter or installation cost, a birdbath is budget friendly and readily available.

Fountain: A perfect centerpiece for your deck, a fountain adds the sound of moving water without a big price. Because fountains generally contain a pump and filter, they need to be placed near an electrical outlet. Make your own fountain or purchase one of the many pre-made versions.

Waterfall: Incorporating more movement than a fountain, a waterfall is a great focal point of a backyard deck. Let water tumble over tempered glass, rock, concrete or even fiberglass. Surround your falls with pebbles, flowering plants, or ferns to create a sense of natural beauty.

Tabletop Water Feature: If your space or budget is limited, a tabletop water feature can be created by filling a beautiful vessel with water and adding aquatic plants such as lilies, coleus, ivy and/or papyrus.

Let a water feature wash away your daily stress, help you find inner peace and promote a feeling of connection to nature. Easily made or obtained and often simple to install, a water feature may be the item that adds pizzazz to your deck! Ask your professional deck builder for advice and assistance.

Thinking of building a new deck with a water feature? Econo Decks offers a 2 year fully transferable warranty on all work done, a free 1 year inspection, and 100% compliance with Alberta’s building codes. From simple upgrades to complete renovation to new builds, Econo Decks is committed to providing the best quality work for their customers. Call Econo Decks at 403-770-9277 or email us at info@econodecks.ca or quotes@econodecks.ca