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Under-Deck Drainage Systems

An under-deck drainage system utilizes troughs, gutters, panels or flanges to keep rain, spills and snowmelt from dripping through the boards. Often installed on second story decks, these systems convert the space under the deck into a dry area that can be used as a patio, playground, kennel, games area, or outdoor living room. When attached to a first story deck, they create a dry spot for storage.

There are three main types of under-deck drainage systems.

  • Deck membrane and downspout: Intended for installation while building the deck, this system involves draping a plastic membrane below the deck forming toughs that channel water to downspouts positioned near the joist headers. The membrane is loosely fastened to the top edge of the deck joists and tape is applied to seal all seams.
  • An under deck ceiling uses corrugated aluminum or plastic panels to catch water that drains through the deck. A perimeter frame and graduated spacers are fastened beneath the joists creating a ceiling that slopes away from the house toward a trough attached below the joist header. One or more downspouts then drain the water to the ground outside the protected area. This system is particularly suited to providing a sheltered outdoor living space below a second story deck.
  • Decking flanges are a simple solution and a great retrofit for waterproofing an existing deck. They’re designed to act as mini-gutters and channel water toward the deck edges and are inserted between deck boards with a rubber mallet. Flanges come in a variety of sizes that match the edge grooves found on most synthetic decking brands. Wood decking boards can be milled to accommodate them.

Whether you are creating outdoor living space or dry storage, under-deck drainage systems are an effective means of diverting water away from the space beneath your deck.

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