This image showcases a deck with the Econo Decks logo and the 10 year warranty sticker

The Econo Deck warranty: What you need to know about it

We are confident in our personal craftsmanship at Econo Decks. Our hardworking team is committed to providing each of our customers with the custom deck of their dreams. Econo Decks’ priority is to keep our customers satisfied and happy with our work. That being the case, we guarantee that every build by us comes with its own warranty that covers craftsmanship or manufacturer issues.

Warranty: Craftsmanship

At Econo Decks we prove that our decks are quality builds by including a 10 year warranty. By the way, this addition is part of the quoted price. Our leading craftsmanship warranty starts one day after the construction of the build is complete. This also includes a complementary first year inspection from our Econo Decks crew. We will fix any defects found during the inspection process because we want to ensure you have a quality deck. Our Econo Decks crew are the best of the best. After all, that is our personal standard. Repairs are offered between the months of July. 15 to March. 15 of any given year.

Warranty: Manufacturer

Some materials offered through Econo Decks have manufacturer warrantees up-to 50 years. The composite boards and ploy-vinyl chloride (PVC) boards have a 25-50 year manufacturer warranty. While the wood boards have 10 years of coverage. If the homeowner needs to make a claim for a product defect, Econo Decks will “represent their clients” throughout the process. Additionally, Econo Decks will schedule a time to work on the project once the manufacturer of the product provides the product.

For more information about the craftsmanship, or the manufacturer warranty do not hesitate to ask. Our Econo Decks crew is here to support you every step of the way. Our job is to help you build your dream deck, for more information about this process call Econo Decks at (403)-770-9277.