Signs that it’s Time for a New Deck

Your deck is looking old and weathered. Should you do the usual yearly maintenance or is it time to replace it? For safety reasons, it’s important to determine if it is time for a new deck.

Signs to watch for:

There are definite signs that a deck has deteriorated and may need to be replaced.

  1. Your deck posts are rotting and/or not securely attached. Posts are timbers set vertically to support the deck framing. Check the base of your posts for rot or water damage as this causes them to lose strength. Also, check that the posts are securely connected to the joists.
  2. Your ledger board is not secure and/or water tight: A ledger board is the part of the deck that is attached to the house. Check if it is loose, unstable or damaged. If it’s not properly fastened or is deteriorating, your deck may come off the house. The ledger board needs flashing to ensure that it makes a water tight connection. Leaks can cause the rim joist to rot or lead to mold in the walls of your home.
  3. Joists are rotting: Joists are typically 2 x 8 boards that are installed perpendicular between beams to help distribute weight and hold up the decking boards. They are hard to replace without tearing up your deck.  If the joists are rotting, sagging or show pest damage, it’s time to rebuild.
  4. There’s structural damage: If the deck frame is sagging or warped, the deck boards wobble or give when you walk on them and/or the planks are splitting, it’s time to replace your deck.
  5. Your deck no longer meets regulations/building codes: Cities frequently update their building codes due to safety considerations. Check the regulations for your area.  If your older deck no longer meets these standards, it may be time for a new deck.
  6. Your railing is loose and/or shaky: A compromised railing is a safety hazard especially if your deck is used by children or elderly. If this is the only sign of decay, you may be able to replace or repair the railing without replacing the whole deck.
  7. Mold: A small amount of greenish mold is unattractive but not serious. Mushroom-like mold or fungal growth on your deck indicates severe deterioration.
  8. Protruding fixtures: Protruding nails and screws as well as splinters are a sign that your deck needs repair or replacement.  

To catch problems quickly and ensure the safety of your family, check on the stability of your deck regularly. Some deck problems can be fixed while others require starting from scratch. The best way to determine whether you need a new deck is to have a professional assessment.  From simple upgrades to complete renovation to new builds, Econo Decks ensures you get the most from your deck transformation. If you’re thinking of replacing an old deck or you’re installing a deck for the first time, call Econo Decks at (403) 768-0155 or email us at or