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Econo Decks - Planning Your Deck

The decision is made - you are going to add a deck to your home! Yes! Now you head to the hardware store and just get started, right? Well, you could but maybe start by doing some planning and thinking about how the deck will be used, who will be using it, and the space where the deck is to be built. Once you consider the possibilities, you are ready to talk to your Calgary deck builder for professional guidance and planning.

What will the deck be used for?

  • Is it an extension of the kitchen for cooking/barbequing?
  • Will it be a relaxing area for adults?
  • Will it be a play area for children?
  • Day use or night time use, or both?

Deciding the main purpose of your deck will help guide you as to how big the deck might be. If, for example cooking and eating are done on the same level, is there room for both? Room for only one activity could suggest a second level or ground level is needed. A deck can also be your entertaining area with couches, chairs and tables, or even a hot tub might reside. Maybe the hot tub is on a different level away from small children playing.

Steps to consider before starting to build:

The internet is a wealth with information to help plan your deck. They all agree on these stages, however:

  • Ensure your deck will be in compliance with local building codes and bylaws. Visit the city building department before going any further. You will be surprised by the advice (good or unexpected) they can provide. You may be required to book a construction review.
  • Know where the underground utilities are located. Alberta First Call is a free service who will mark the locations of utilities before any work is done.
  • Create a map of the area as it is now; location of plants and trees, play areas, fencing, what exists today in the yard, and, consider your neighbours. This map and the knowing the location of utilities helps prevent accidents and assists the deck building providing a new plan.
  • Locate a reputable Calgary deck builder to work with through the planning and building stages. They have the expertise to help build your dream deck; assist in planning, deciding materials to use, financial considerations, and building schedule.
deck outdoor

There are many examples of decks to consider. Before calling your deck builder review what you like in a deck plan. Some examples are available at:

Reviewing popular deck concepts will give you an idea of the possibilities when you go through the planning with your deck builder. You now have:

  • An idea of the decks purpose
  • Know the current area which can be used
  • Have an idea of the look which inspires you
  • Talked with your local municipal planning department for a license

Your Calgary deck builder, Econo Decks, will assist with drawing up the plans and working with you to create the perfect deck.

Next stage - what materials will you choose for building? Man-made or natural wood?

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