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Planking Design Trends

Decks have become an extension of the home, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces. These platforms serve as a place of entertainment, a space to escape for relaxation, a spot to enjoy nature, a quiet site to think or read. It’s not surprising that homeowners want their outdoor space to be functional, beautiful and unique. An increasingly popular method for achieving this goal is to create distinctive patterns or designs on a deck’s surface through the use of deck planks. There are plenty of designs to choose from and endless possibilities!

  • Transition board: Running a board perpendicular to the rest of the deck planks can break up monotony and create separation between different areas of the deck. Try using a different colored plank or different colored stain for the transition board.
  • Picture frame: Use deck planks to add a frame around the edges of your deck. Try it in conjunction with a transition board. Add a touch of color.
  • Patchwork pattern: Resembling a parquet floor, this deck pattern is perfect for using short pieces of deck planking and is especially attractive on large deck surfaces.
  • Chevron pattern:  A V-shaped line, the chevron pattern catches the eye and adds visual appeal.
  • Chevron with transition board: Adding a transition board amplifies the beauty of the chevron design. Use this pattern on the whole deck or in some sections. Make the transition board a complimentary colour.
  • Herringbone pattern: Resembling a chevron pattern, the herringbone is created by taking short planks and placing them at a 45 degree angle to each other creating a stunning look that will set your deck apart.
  • Diagonal pattern: This technique involves installing deck planks at a 45 degree angle to the joists. This increases the strength of the deck frame and creates a visually appealing surface.
  • Framed diagonal: Put a picture frame around a diagonal pattern to create an unusual effect on the entire deck surface or create a unique area by using this design for a small section of the deck.
  • Decking inlays: Installing an inlay (stone, glass, metal) in your deck’s surface is a creative way to add flair. Use contrasting colours, angles and shapes to make a statement. Common choices include octagons, a compass rose, or a curved design.

Whether you want to create a pattern on the entire surface or highlight a particular area of your deck, planking patterns are a great way to create a unique and beautiful outdoor space. If you wish to discuss planking designs or you’re looking to build a deck, contact the Calgary based decking experts; Econo Decks at 403-768-0151 or email or