Pergola or Patio: Planning your 2022 Spring Deck

When it comes to designing an outdoor living space the options are quite limitless. As of recent, pergolas have been a trending structure to incorporate into outdoor living scenes. The question remains, what works best for your lifestyle? A pergola? A patio? or a Deck? Keep reading our blog to discover what may work best for you entirely!

I guess where we should begin is what is a pergola? A pergola is usually a roofless structure that was initially designed to support various plants and vines. The charming pergola has been modernized to have a roof in some designs now making it an attachment to the home. An important thing to note about pergolas is that they are famous for their foliage and greenery. Many people find it tedious to keep up with the upkeep of the vines and greenery. Nevertheless, if a pergola isn’t the right fit for you there is always the option of a patio. A patio is simply space that is dedicated to dining or hosting outdoors. Whether it be decking board or a stone pattern, patios are popular outdoor living locations during the summer.

Hopefully this has given you a better understanding of what pergolas and patios are for your spring 2022 outdoor living space plan. Start planning now and give Econo Decks a call to be the first client on our Spring 2022 deck line-up.

The Econo Decks team is more than happy to provide you with more tips about decking so please feel free to talk to us. Our goal is to encourage our customers to make the most of their decks. For more information about this process give Econo Decks a call at (403)-770-9277. While you are here, check out our community blog for more information!