Patios and Decks

Patios vs. Decks

The materials used for decks and patios is the main difference between both outdoor builds. Decks are usually above the ground and made of wood or other sturdy plastic look-a-likes. While paver stones or concrete make up an outdoor patio. Both decks and patios have their own personal pro’s and con’s but it’s the homeowners decision for fits their lifestyle. Econo Decks has collected some information about both outdoor builds to help you make the right choice for your outdoor living space.


Patios are the less expensive choice when it comes to the price difference between both these outdoor space options. Although decks can be more expensive, in the long run they offer up to an 80 per cent return investment which is higher than indoor renovations.


Water, uneven and rocky terrains can suit a deck build. For patios the ground must be level to build. When the ground is not level the cost of building a patio increases because building a foundation is expensive. Additionally patios can take longer to install then decks because they require more construction to install.

Climate considerations

Decks are prone to retaining less heat so if you live in a warmer climate the wood wont get too hot. In comparison to patios which absorb a lot of heat and are prone to getting hot in the warmer months. Both patios and decks are prone to staining due to the climate, but with specific decking boards staining can be dramatically decreased.

The Econo Decks team is more than happy to provide you with more tips about decking so please feel free to talk to us. Our goal is to encourage our customers to make the most of their decks. For more information about this process give Econo Decks a call at (403)-770-9277. While you are here, check out our community blog for more information!