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Deck Shade Solutions

You built a new deck and it looks fantastic! You want to spend time cooking, relaxing and entertaining in your new space. But, too much sunlight isn’t good for you and sometimes your deck is just too hot! You need a source of shade. Lucky for you there are many shade solutions with a range of cost, coverage and ease of installation.

Trees: They’re eco-friendly, inexpensive, and a great way to provide shade for your new deck. You want a deciduous tree with a thick canopy that shades you in the summer and allows the sun in during the long winter. There are lots of choices at your local greenhouse but it takes time for a tree to reach a size that will provide adequate shade. Plant some trees now but look for another shade solution while they grow.

Fence or Wall: They won’t offer overhead protection, but a fence or wall will provide shade early and late in the day and make a great addition to the yard.

Patio Umbrella: Affordable and versatile, the popular patio umbrella can be opened and closed as needed and is often portable. Measure your space to determine the size you need and purchase a sturdy version. You can choose from a market umbrella (has central pole and sits in a base on the ground) or an offset umbrella (pole is off to one side and umbrella can rotate).

Pergola: a permanent structure with an open roof system. A pergola can be made in a variety of styles and will enhance the visual appeal of your deck while providing partial shade. Thin wood slats let the sun poke through giving you sunlight without the intensity.  A pergola may be attached to your home or free standing, support climbing plants, or include a fabric cover for additional sun coverage.

Awning: a sheet of heavy material (usually canvas) stretched on a frame and attached directly to your home. An awning can be permanently extended or feature a retractable option (manual or motorized). Choose between many styles and colours.

Canopy: a portable cloth covering. A canopy can be anchored to your deck railing and removed at the end of the season. Made of fade-resistant material and supported on poles, a canopy will provide shade without completely blocking the sun.

Shade sail: a triangular piece of fabric with eyelet holes in the corners. A shade sail requires twine or rope to attach it to the house, poles or nearby trees. It’s a great temporary option for covering your outdoor area providing coverage without the need for hardware.

Outdoor curtains: Adding an extra layer of sun protection and allowing air circulation, curtains can bring elegance to your deck. Use weather-friendly curtains, a canvas tarp, fabric, or even a colorful shower curtain. Simple, affordable, and attractive, outdoor curtains can be opened and closed as needed.

Sun shades: Made from fabric or bamboo, sun shades attach to your deck railings and are retractable, adding extra sun coverage only when needed. Shades allow air to flow into your space but reduce the temperature by blocking the sunlight. Often needing no more than a drill for installation, sunshades provide shade when the sun is not directly overhead.

There are so many options for providing full or partial shade on your deck! Find the one that’s perfect for you.

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