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Creative ways to use the Space Beneath your Deck

While homeowners spend time planning, finishing and decorating the top of their deck, the space beneath the deck is often overlooked or simply screened from view. By ignoring this area you may be missing a golden opportunity for extra storage or a place for entertaining. With a few modifications and some imagination, you can turn the area under your deck into a beautiful and/or useful addition to your home.

Second Story Decks:

If your deck is attached to the second story of your home, you’re in luck! Your deck sits above a very usable space.  Most options for this area will require that you install an under-deck roofing system. You can make this a D-I-Y or hire a professional.

  • Patio: Create a concrete patio beneath the deck. Add lattice screens for privacy. Include lights and a ceiling fan. Add furniture or custom built seating. Consider a patio swing, a grill, or mini-fridge. This area will remain cool and shady on hot days, dry in rainy weather and is perfect for entertaining. You’ve just created a three-season room for your home!
  • Play Area: Take advantage of the space under your deck by creating a kid’s play area. Build a sandbox. Install bucket swings, crawl tunnels and a tic-tac-toe board. Your shady playground will provide enjoyment and reduce the chance of sunburn. If you have very young children, contain the space with the addition of a railing and a gate.
  • Dog Kennel: Provide a space for your dog to exercise freely. Install open walls or a fence to allow airflow. Make sure you secure the base in case your dog likes to dig!
  • Games area: If you often entertain outdoors, consider a games area under your deck. Include a multifunctional table that lets you choose ping-pong, pool or air hockey. Choose comfortable furniture that can be easily moved to accommodate your guests’ needs.
  • Conversation Pit: Create an outdoor living room for casual entertaining and conversation. Include a large couch and comfortable oversized chairs. Consider a fire feature as a focal point. Add colourful plants. Relax and catch up with your friends!

First Story Decks:

If your deck is attached to the first story of your home, you have approximately 30 inches of space beneath your structure. While you don’t have the options available to those with a second story deck, you do have a perfect place for storage.

  • Wet storage: You can store weatherproof items beneath your deck such as plastic toys, garden hoses, pool supplies, recreational equipment, outdoor furniture and bags of lawn fertilizer. Small items that need to be protected from the elements can go in plastic bins with tight fitting lids. Create an access door in your skirting or lattice with weatherproof hinges and latches.
  • Dry storage: To create dry storage you will need to install an under-the-deck drainage system; plastic channels attached between the deck joists that tilt toward a gutter and carry water away from the deck. Keep stored items elevated off the ground or cover the floor of your storage area with plastic sheathing. Use hooks, pulleys, racks and bins for your storage needs. Install deck lattice or siding boards to create a barrier and hide your stored items from view. Frame a door (or two) to make access easy.

Whether you have a first or second story deck, make the square footage beneath it work for you. No matter if you use it for storage or extra living room, maximize the space under your deck!

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