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What’s the Best Finish for a Wooden Deck?

Over time, UV rays and moisture cause an untreated wooden deck to crack, chip, warp, split and discolor. By simply applying a good maintenance product your deck can be protected from this deterioration and look great for years. The ideal deck finish repels water, protects from UV rays and preserves the wood with a mildewcide (a substance that inhibits the growth of mildew). Make sure the label mentions all three features. Apply the finish when the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius and the weather will be dry for a few days. Finish the top, the exposed sides and, if possible, the bottom of the boards. Deck finishes can be purchased at any hardware or paint store. You will find aisles filled with deck maintenance products! Which of the many deck finishes is right for you?

To decide upon a deck finish you must choose between:

Oil or Water Based:

Oil-based finishes provide longer lasting protection and penetrate more deeply into the wood, but your deck must be bone dry before it will accept an oil-based sealer. Water based products are easy to clean up (only need soap and water), offer more coverage per can and can be absorbed by damp wood.

Clear, Semi-transparent or Solid Coloured:

Clear finishes allow the natural wood grain to show and provide great water protection but are not good at blocking UV rays and must be reapplied yearly. No scraping required when reapplying and overlap marks are not a concern during application. Semi-transparent deck finishes add a bit of colour, allow some of the wood grain to show, are an effective UV and moisture barrier, and last up to three years. No scraping required when reapplying but you have to be careful of lap marks. Solid coloured finishes offer the most UV protection, hide imperfections, protect against moisture, and last three to five years. However, they conceal the wood grain, can crack, peel and chip like paint, require scraping before reapplication and you must be cautious of lap marks.

No matter which finish you choose, treating your wooden deck with a water repellent sealer is vital to its integrity and lifespan. It’s important to apply your chosen finish within a few weeks of completion of a new deck and to reapply as needed. An older deck should be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry before applying the finish of choice. Depending on the product chosen, most decks will require resealing every 2 to 5 years.

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