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Add an Outdoor Kitchen to your Deck

Why settle for only a grill when you can have an outdoor kitchen on your deck! Install a prep and cooking area, some storage, a bar, a dining table with seating, cooktop, refrigerator and/or a sink. Build it yourself or purchase pre-assembled pieces. With a great outdoor kitchen, you may find it hard to go inside!

There are several factors you’ll need to consider before you add a kitchen to your deck.

  1. Check with your deck builder/contractor to determine the weight limit of your deck. This will affect the size and features you choose for your outdoor kitchen.
  2. Set your budget to help you decide which appliances and utilities you can afford and what materials you’ll use.
  3. Investigate how to run plumbing, electricity and/or gas to your kitchen.
  4. Remember to apply for permits for the electrical and/or plumbing work.
  5. Consider applying a flame-retardant seal to your deck to handle live sparks and dry heat.
  6. To minimize the risk of burns, warps, and fires, install an insulated grill jacket and make sure your grill is properly vented.
  7. Plan the size of your deck kitchen by considering the zones you wish to create; food prep, food storage, cooking, dining, clean up, socializing, etc.
  8. Determine which appliances you will include; grill, sink, refrigerator, cook top, pizza oven, wine cooler, beverage tub, freezer, side burner, warming drawer, etc.
  9. Think about the flow of your outdoor kitchen as you plan placement of your appliances and location of your zones. Separate your cooking and cooling zones to insure appliances can properly ventilate thus lasting longer. Don’t forget adequate counter space.
  10. Choose appliances and materials that can withstand the local weather conditions and are outdoor rated.
  11. Consider incorporating design elements from your home into your outdoor kitchen so it will have a cohesive look.
  12. Think about comfort. Will you need a fan near the cooking area or a pergola for shade? Will you add a fire table or radiant heater for cool evenings?
  13. Don’t forget lighting. Will the chef need task lighting? Install ambient lighting for your friends and family.

With some thought and planning, your deck can become the hearth of your home for several months of the year. Gather, mingle, linger and entertain with the help of your deck kitchen!

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