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6 Tips for creating your dream backyard getaway

Creating your dream deck does not have to be an intimidating task. These tips simplify the concept of transforming your outdoor area, whether it be a small patio space or a large backyard sundeck. Take full advantage of this year’s summer heat and transform your backyard into your dream outdoor getaway.


1. Personalization

When designing your deck incorporate your personality and desires. If you enjoy sitting outside and lounging during the day, include a variety of seating; perhaps a hammock under a shaded tree, or a reading nook in the corner enclosed by privacy walls. If you are a barbecue enthusiast and enjoy dining outside, consider including an outdoor kitchen in your project plan.


2. Entertainment

Due to COVID-19 meeting friends and family became enjoying time together outdoors. How about including functional hosting in your backyard as part of your project plan? Avoid overcrowding your deck with furniture by incorporating entertainment into your patio plan, and instead, design for functionality by creating a comfortable flow of traffic for guests.


3. Privacy walls

If one of your main concerns is neighbours and privacy, perhaps building privacy walls should be part of your project plans. This can be as simple as planting tall hedges around your patio space or building custom wood accent walls around your deck to create a feeling of luxury.


4. Lighting

Lighting up an outdoor space sets the mood for the evening and incorporating warm lighting features will ensure that your outdoor space is welcoming when the sunsets. Whether you decide to install wall lighting, lanterns, string light bulbs, or pathway lighting, these features allow for a fully functional space during the day and night.


5. Custom installations

Do you enjoy getting cozy around a fire when the sun sets? Or maybe cooking outdoors has always been a passion of yours? Well if this is the case consider including custom installations into your project plans to integrate your desires with functional outdoor living. Whether it be a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or garden planter boxes; remember to customize your deck to your lifestyle.


6. Incorporating greenery

The difference between a beautiful backyard and a backyard getaway is the addition of greenery and plans. If your patio is smaller consider using vertical planters and taking of wall planting and hanging plants. Greenery in a backyard brightens up the environment and truthfully creates an atmosphere of a backyard oasis.


We hope this has inspired you to start designing your dream backyard getaway, after all, who would not want to enjoy summer relaxing and dining on a beautiful deck! For more tips and tricks mention your design ideas to our Econo Decks team. We are excited to advise you and assist in creating your dream backyard getaway.